Dreadlock making in Szeged, Hungary

lf you want dreadlock making by me let you know it takes average 8-16 hours. Of course the hours need to us to do the most likely, pretty dreadlocks on your head.


Price: £150 – £750

What you need to do, if you want to booking?
Send me an e-mail or write me on Facebook the below details:

  1. Make 2 or 3 photo about your actual hair, and sent it to me.
  2. Search on the internet 2 or 3 picture witch thick dreads do you need. (The color and te length isn’t matter in this case in this photos.) Send me this pictures as well.
  3. Make a decision about your dreadlocks ending. Do you want to block the ends or not? Write to me!
  4. Write me a date list what is the best for you to do Your dreadlocks