Dreadlock extension in Szeged, Hungary

You can read in the Dreadlock making menu recommended making dreads from long hair. But if you have short hair than 5 inch (12 cm) you can have as long dreadlock as you want by dreadlock extension. Usually the regular length of done dreadlock extension is “under the shoulders line”. We also can use the dreadlock extension if your dreads almost broke down other dreads are too thins.

Price: £100 – £700

What you need to do, if you want to booking?
Send me an e-mail or write me on Facebook the below details:

  1. Make 2 or 3 photo about your actual hair, and sent it to me.
  2. (If you are dreadlock now, write to me the numbers of your dreads.)
  3. Measure your length of hair lines (I want to know not the longest or shortest one. Write to me the average number.).
  4. Write me a number in inch (cm) that you want to the final length of your future dreadlocks.
  5. It is really important to know, do you give me the hair for the extension (human or synthetic doesn’t matter) or I need to get in.
    1. If I need to get in the hair for the extension, I have deal only synthetics.
  6. Write me a date list what is the best for you to do Your dreadlocks.