About me

Hey Visitor,

I have my own dreadlock since 2004. Unfortunately when I started to be dread there wasn’t any useful information about the dreadlocks in Hungarian language. So I and my best friend didn’t know how can we make dreadlocks from the hair-mash.Honestly I was a natural dread at my first year. It was a nest in my head. Meanwhile I and my friend tried to find not the best way only one thing to have better dreads. This way was the crochet hook. After these came 2 years practicing on my own dreadlocks.

I started to do other dreadlocks hair at 2006. So I am practicing the dreads doing more than 10 years now. I have learnt in time from homepages, videos, I tried the new things on my own hair and others hair as well. The only thing what is the youngest in my repertoire is the dreadlock extentation from 2011.

So i got these experiences. I hope you going to trust in my proficients and you going to come to me to do your dreadlock.

(I know, hard to say it 🙂 .)